Saturday, 8 October 2011

Welcome to Ten Point Review

  1. For a long time I've wanted to write about films online. 
  2. There are already a million and one websites that will review films for you, so I wanted to try to write mine in a way that felt unique.
  3. Sometimes when it comes to writing long complex clausal sentences, I get this overwhelming feeling of despair.
  4. I've enjoyed blogging most when it felt easy.
  5. One of the easiest ways of writing anything is as a list.
  6. Ten points is enough to make an argument fly.
  7. But it also excuses me of the burden of linking ideas together using pointless words and phrases such as 'moreover' and 'furthermore' which frankly aren't fooling anyone.
  8. My day job as a copywriter quite often involves making lists of shit palatable for consumers. And this is my down time.
  9. Lists always go down well on the internet.
  10. Hence, Ten Point Review. Welcome.


  1. well 10 points were enough for Moses, so good luck to you my son.

  2. So readable, couldn't stop until I went through the entire archive. Awesome, just awesome.